Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting Anew.

Well, after taking several months off from the blog I am back. It was a great summer full of swimming, biking, and running. Through it all I have fallen in love with the biking aspect of triathlon. It's tough to describe the feeling of slicing through the wind at break neck speeds on a warm summer evening--but this summer provided more than enough pleasant riding memories to help me make it through the upcoming winter.

Another plus from this past season was that I made a great friend (his name is Clete) during weekly Saturday morning training with Team Nebraska Triathlon. He's a top-notch guy and I appreciate being able to become good friends with a fellow teammate and triathlete.

As far as training is concerned Saturday morning Clete and I went for a 25+ mile ride up the edge of the Missouri River. It was a little overcast and cool, but there was little to no wind. Made for a perfect ride.


  1. I've run so many marathons and road races, but same as you the bike is my fav.

  2. Come on bud when you going to write again?